93% overall satisfaction score for reliability, quality and cost in 2004, 94% in 2007.
Dun and Bradstreet

Why Choose Us?

Finding a company to handle your information technolgy needs can be a challenging experience. Are we a good match for your company? Some points to consider:

  • We deliver on time, on budget and within scope for almost all of our projects. Project management is central to our business and we ask for feedback to refine our practices.
  • Our reputation is based on the strength of our team members. Each team member has an academic, theoretical background grounded in practical business experience. We believe that it is not much use thinking outside the box if you cannot think inside the box. In other words, innovation needs to fall within the parameters of cost, deadlines and project scope. This blend of creativity and discipline has helped us deliver award-winning innovation at prices that are often lower than our competitor's.
  • We place a value on developing excellent customer relationships. We work hard at building relationships that allow us to understand your business and develop the commitment needed to make significant changes in your organization. Although we do short-term projects, we seek out long-term partnerships that match our average contract length of 2-3 years.